Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville Announces New Integrative Medicine Services for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Integrative medical practice conducts pilot study using both mainstream scientific methodology and new, holistic approaches to address the impacts of Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) on behaviorally challenged children, as well as those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


Jacksonville, FL (September 19, 2013) – Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) is the next phase of integrative and functional approaches to health and wellness. Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville has harnessed the use of advanced technology and innate biological communication processes to support, optimize, and regulate the body at a cellular level. The practice’s new study, the Behavior Support Program, analyzes the impact of BRT as a stand-alone therapy and as a complementary modality to other therapies, as well as a support in decreasing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) patient’s resistance to other rehabilitative therapy.


The pilot study, initiated in May this year, is a Behavior Support Program, that provides supportive therapy and assesses the effectiveness of BRT applied for ASD patient’s and, more generally, behaviorally-challenged children ages 3-18. BRT can be used to help a variety of specific imbalances and conditions, as well as preventatively to maintain overall balance and wellness. BRT clinical applications have been shown to provide benefits in medical conditions like allergies, sports medicine injuries and recovery, and overall health issues like circulation and inflammation.


Every organ in the body has its own bioelectromagnetic field, and every single cell in the body communicates via electromagnetic signals at the rate of trillions of chemical reactions per second. When communications between cells are interrupted, the body’s cells, tissues and organs are compromised and unhealthy symptoms follow. Pediatric Associates or Jacksonville utilizes LENYO advanced devices to provide BRT. These unique devices deliver safe, extremely low intensity signals at the cellular level, in order to induce the body’s own self-regulation process. LENYO BRT devices are one of a kind in that they feature an advanced signaling technology and also utilize unique biofeedback capabilities.


The research team at Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville performs experimental research on functional or bio-informatic approaches to pediatric healthcare. For the purposes of the Behavior Support Program pilot study, the team has partnered with technology providers, academic institutions, laboratory and Neuro-feedback EEG facilities, as well as child support non-profit organizations.


About Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville

Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville originally opened in 1932 and now operates in three locations located in Jacksonville, Julington Creek and Ponte Vedra, Florida for patients ranging from newborns to 21. Today, Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville is led by Dr. Aylin Ozdemir, winner of the 2012 and 2011 Patients’ Choice Award, which is a distinction received by less than 5 percent of America’s practicing physicians. Dr. O recently finished her Integrative Medicine fellowship led by Dr. Andrew Weil at The University of Arizona. The Integrative practice of combining traditional and alternative medicine distinguishes her from every other General Practitioner in the State of Florida. To learn more about Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville call 904-273-6533 or visit our website at


About Lenyosys, Inc.

A leader in bioregulation technology and devices, Lenyosys, a division of Nestatek Inc., headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Fl., provides advanced BRT devices and solutions to professional practitioners in the medical, wellness, sports, enterprise, educational and veterinarian fields, as well as home-use products to the general public. A revolutionary information- and communication-based approach to health and wellness, BRT fine tunes the body at the cellular level. By combining state-of-the-art electromagnetic field signalling with the body’s own biological communications, BRT helps the body to re-establish and restore natural regulation and self-healing process.


BRT can be used to address a variety of the body’s imbalances and conditions, or preventatively to maintain overall wellness. The LENYO line of BRT products include office, in-home and mobile devices. More information can be found at

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