Pediatric Care

Treating your child with care
Treating your child with compassion
Treating your child with sensitivity
Treating your child with respect
Treating your child with dedication

Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville welcomes new patients!  From prenatal care, and newborns to age 21, Dr. O wants you to Love Growing Healthy!  We have three Pediatric Care offices located throughout Jacksonville in Ponte Vedra, Julington Creek, and Hodges for your convenience. We specialize in integrative, holistic pediatric medicine that takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle.

Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville offers a range of  pediatric care services from proper prenatal and infant care, child immunizations, childrens allergies and asthma to holistic pediatric care such as BrainJogging, Child Yoga, Child Counseling and nutritional pediatric health. We also offer specialized pediatric treatment plans  for ADD/ ADHD,  Autism, Down Syndrome and Dyslexia that treat the whole individual not just the symptoms.

Call us at 904-273-6533, appointments are available today!

DrO-Icons_HighRes-Newborn Prenatal Health and Newborn Care

We offer prenatal classes, proper prenatal care advice and prenatal nutrition counseling for expecting moms. Learn more.

For newborns and infants, our caring pediatricians will help lay the foundation for happy and healthy life for every stage ahead. From our free prenatal seminars to providing infants with the proper immunizations in their first few years, our office is committed to caring for newborn babies and their parents.



Our office specializes in not only treating the symptoms of children with allergies, but also identifying the root cause of the allergies to help prevent them from occurring.



Many of our patients develop asthma during their childhood. At Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville, we take a holistic approach to treating and preventing asthma in children.



Whether your child is starting a new school year or going on a trip, our office can provide them with all the immunizations necessary to remain happy and healthy.


Specialized Treatment Plans

We specialize in creating holistic treatment plans for children with special needs such as dyslexia, autism, Down’s Syndrome, Tourette’s, or ADD/ADHD.



At Pediatric Associates of Jacksonville, Dr. O, along with her physicians, nurses and medical staff are expert caregivers–from helping your child to feel better, to educating your child about staying healthy, to rewarding your child for positive behavior. Here you will find articles with relevant topics that focus on your child’s physical and emotional health. Our goal is to provide care and knowledge that lasts a lifetime, and teach you and your child to love growing healthy!