Adiponectin:Leptin Ratio Test


Why Test For Adiponectin:Leptin Ratio?

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Adiponectin is a peptide hormone comprising of 244 amino acids and isexclusively expressed in adipose tissue. Adiponectin is a potent insulin enhancer and isinvolved in glucose metabolism. The levels of adiponectin are decreased as obesityincreases.

Leptin is protein that inhibits food intake and stimulates energyexpenditure. Leptin works to turn on fat burning, and increase cellular metabolism.These molecules can be nutritionally influenced to help with weight metabolism,diabetes, and other conditions of metabolic disturbances.

A recent review article inNature explains that leptin leads to altered cellular metabolism and immune functionenhancing carcinogenesis in estrogen responsive tissues such as breast and prostate.

Leptin increases the activity of aromatase increasing conversion of testosterone toestrogen. Leptin increases inflammation, and can decrease regulatory T cells causingimpaired peripheral immune tolerance. Leptin also increases angiogenesis in cancercells.