Tips for Raising Boys

As the saying goes, “boys will be boys.” Parents of boys know that raising a boy can have its challenges and is certainly different then raising a girl. Take a moment to read our tips for raising a happy, healthy boy. You’ll be glad you did.

Tips for Raising Boys:

  1. Give him space to play. Boys have a tendency to be more rowdy and active than girls. Just make sure you provide your boys with productive ways to channel their energy. Try signing your son up for sports camps this summer or taking them to the beach to play in the surf and sand. Just make sure they wear sunscreen!
  2. Teach them to verbalize. Boys are more likely to try to resolve problems physically. Teach them how to talk through problems instead of resorting to aggression.
  3. Give him responsibility. Boys can be slower at developing skills like following instructions or finishing tasks. Give your son “manly” tasks like helping with yard work, feeding the family dog, and even taking out the trash as he gets older. Chores that involve helping one of his parents are a great opportunity for bonding and reinforce ideas about partnership. Consider requiring your son to complete chores to earn his allowance.
  4. Let him make choices. When it comes time to make the really important choices like saying no to smoking cigarettes or going for a joyride, you want to make sure he will make the right choice. Start by giving your son two options that you are ok with and let him decide which is good for him. The more practice he gets at making decisions, the more confident he will become when you’re not around to guide him.
  5. Practice saving. Help your son learn the value of a dollar by encouraging him to save. Whether it’s money earned from chores around the house like we discussed in tip #3 or money given him for his birthday from family, encourage him to save for something bigger than just candy from the corner store. If he wants the latest video game console, try holding out until he can pay for half the cost and you can pay for the other half.

Kids grow up fast, but not overnight. Make sure you are helping your boys grow into the wonderful young men we know they are!

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